153 Solve The Root Of Your Issues First Says Weightloss Nation Host, Diane Daniels

October 13, 2016

Diane Daniels is a professional speaker and host of two podcasts, Weight Loss Nation & Medicare Nation. She has spoken on many radio programs including The Senior Voice Radio show (Tampa), The Bev Smith Radio Show (Washington D.C.) and The Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz. In the area of health care, Diane collaborates with politicians and national associations to advocate for her clients. Diane is determined to lose weight and she decided to build a team and start a podcast to not only inspire others, but also to be inspired. She is chatting with me today as she continues on this weight loss journey. She has currently lost 25 pounds.

Contact Info

Most Influential Person

  • JJ Flizanes (Fit2Love Podcast and Resources)


Effect on Emotions

  • Now if I have frustration or anxiety, I do not have to reach for food. I just sit for a moment, and think, why am I feeling this way. I just stay in this moment and then I realize what it is. Then I see if I can solve this problem. I stay in the moment and try to realize what it is.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I am learning to improve in this area. I am good about taking in a deep breath and letting it out. If I am frustrated or have anxiety, I will just sit take a deep breath and let it out slowly for a few seconds. It's amazing how that feeling [of anxiety or frustration] dissipates.

Suggested Resources

  • Book: Plant Based Diets For Maximum Focus and Energy by Suzanna McGee
  • App: My Diet Diary

Advice for Newbie

The first thing they have to do is admit that they're having an issue and they don't know what to do about it. You have to admit you have some kind of issue. Once you admit it, then you are open to looking for a solution and you're open for help. Once you've done that, like I did, then you can look out there and find someone else who's in the same situation as you. Someone who has the same like mindedness, who needs to do the same things. Whether you join a Facebook group, or you go online and participate in a program like Weight-Loss Nation or other types of programs. Find someone else who can be your buddy and can help each of you be accountable on your journey.