146 Separate Emotions From Decision Making Suggests Jeremy Ryan Slate

September 19, 2016

Jeremy Ryan Slate is an online Entrepreneur and Fitness Enthusiast. Jeremy pays regular visits to the gym where he has created the kind of sculpted body many men dream of. He is focused and centered on the kind of life he has decided to create for himself. He is also admired as host of the Podcast, Create Your Own Life and has interviewed such successful Entrepreneurs as Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas and Bob Burg.

Contact Info

Most Influential Person

  • L. Ron Hubard (Author of Dianetics)

Effect on Emotions

  • I don't buy as much into them [emotions]. I think emotions are important to experience life. It's the channel of how we do it. I think sometimes we let it affect our decision making. I've learned to separate my emotions from my decision making and try and deal just with data.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • I don't really have a way that breathing is a part of my mindfulness.

Suggested Resources

  • Book: Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubard
  • App: Evernote (I like to write a lot and so I like to make notes when I'm out using this app).

Advice for Newbie

The big thing is learning to separate your emotions from your decision making. We make a lot of emotionally charged decisions and afterwards we either regret them or think they were incorrect. I think one of the biggest things for me to be able to just deal with, what do I see, what do I know. Sometimes we try to put our own 'think' into things rather than just observing what happened. The big thing is to observe and make your decision from data.