122 Become Mindful Of Who We Are To Find The Joy Within Us Says Joyologist, Susan Squire

July 21, 2016

Susan Squire is a Joyologist. She constantly brings joy into her own life and the lives of others regardless of their circumstances. She shares simple tools which makes choosing joy more meaningful, feasible and fun. Susan is also a certified nutritional therapist and yoga teacher. She is on a journey
of whole foods and plant based eating, and has overcome autoimmune and mental and emotional challenges by changing her relationship with food. Now that she has moved into a healthy place with her own body, Susan is delighted to spend her time helping others in her role as a Joyologist.

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Most Influential Person

  • Marianne Williamson

Effect on Emotions

  • Being able to be mindful of who I am and where I am and why I am and how I am. Just being able to connect to that and be present in that moment has allowed my emotions to not be all crazy, wild and all over the place but just to be centered in that joyful experience of every single moment.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is so powerful. We talk about core and a lot of times people think,"Oh I've gotta build that 6 pack abs," but to me, core breathing is what gets the flow from head to toe and it's right centered there in our heart, in our true core. Breathing is actually the letter B in my book and as we breathe through things we can live through things and so breathing is essential, it's core.


Suggested Resources

  • Book: A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson
  • Book: The Ideal Made Real by Christian D. Larson

Advice for Newbie

I would say, first and foremost, believe you are valuable. Believe that you are joy, that you are there for a purpose and you can find that purpose. All you have to do is take a moment to connect and believe in who you are. Stop frantically frenziedly searching out there, because joy isn't lost, it's in you. You can find that through a mindful connection of believing how awesome and powerful you are and what a great purpose you have for being here on this earth.

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Want more joy in your life? Susan Squire strongly recommends this great book. She says the author is her fellow Joyologist! "Count it all joy, everything that we have, we can live it with joy."  Click below to get the entire book. (Enter your name and email address so I can send it to you).

The Ideal Made Real by Christian D. Larsen