121 Let The Ocean Be Your Calm, Clarity and Freedom Says Jen Gilchrist

July 18, 2016

Jennifer Gilchrist is a Speaker, Soul Success Mentor and for 17 years has been an entrepreneur; 6 years of that time working as a Spiritual Mentor. Jen has gone from being a Struggling Single Mom to a 6-figure Business Owner — making money doing what she loves and empowering others to do the same. Jen is the creator of the Blissful Bride Program and Enlightened Entrepreneur Program. She supports coaches, authors, messengers and speakers, so they can make a bigger impact in the the world. Jen is deeply inspired and passionate about empowering others to be leaders in their life and business.

Contact Info

  • Website: www.EmpoweredWomansLeadership.com
  • Free Gift: "The Blissful Living Package" Including: The 5 Essential Steps To Blissful Living and A 20 Minute Guided Version of the TLC Meditation and also How To Recognize the Signs of The Angels and The Universe EmpoweredWomansLeadership.com/free-gift
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Most Influential Person

  • Carmen Figueras, Spiritual Mentor

Effect on Emotions

  • I feel so much more energy, [am] so much more happy, I've released so much worry and stress that my whole life has just shifted one hundred and eighty degrees.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • It's the quickest way to bring yourself back into the present moment and out of a worry cycle or a negative pattern of thinking.

Suggested Resources

  • Book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
  • Book: The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer
  • App: Stop, Breathe, Think

Advice for Newbie

Just keep at it, it's like a muscle that you build. I hear people say, "I could never do that, my mind's going a mile a minute." Trust me, mine was. But you can, so just even one or two minutes a day. Outdoors is a really easy way because nature is always very present. So if you just put your feet on the grass, set a timer for even a few minutes and allow yourself to breathe, you will be amazed how easy it begins to become for you and how much it will change your life.

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