097 Journaling Can Turn Our Adversity Into A Heightened State of Mindfulness; Kim Ades

May 23, 2016

Kim Ades is an executive coach, speaker and writer. Kim uses the powerful tool of journaling to help her clients access their thought patterns and belief systems, thus enabling them to make the necessary changes to reach success. Based on these principles, Kim founded her coaching company called Frame of Mind Coaching. Kim is a regular contributor to several publications including Forbes and Choice Magazine. She uses mindfulness every day in her own life and to enable her clients.

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Most Influential Person

  •  My Mom

Effect on Emotions

  • It helps me deal with any worries, anxieties, fears, disappointments, any of that. It just kind of wipes it away.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Sometimes just taking a breath allows you too pivot and remind yourself where you're headed and just be okay with how things are, even if there not perfect in the moment.

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Advice for Newbie

  • I think that if you think about mindfulness and if you just wanna bring yourself back to the now and try to sort out some of the stuff that is bogging you down. Journaling is hands down the easiest, simplest, most powerful way to do that especially if you're not used to meditation if that's something hard or strange for you to do.

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