091 Professional Juggler Entertainer Barry Friedman Explains How To Be Present and Mindful

May 9, 2016

Barry Friedman is a professional juggler, having performed at the White House, on The Tonight Show, at The Academy Awards and even for The King of Spain. Barry is also an advocate of The Sugar Free Lifestyle and strongly believes that processed sugars are responsible for multiple health problems and wellness issues. He has single handedly converted thousands of people to adopt a sugar-free eating pattern through his on-line ‘30 Days Sugar Free Challenge’.

Barry IS Sugar-Free and he practices mindfulness to stay sharp, focused and grounded.

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Most Influential Person

  • My Wife

Effect on Emotions

  • It keeps me present. It allows me to kind of run that litmus test about my dimmer that I mentioned awhile ago. Do I wanna go to war on this one, I think is the big question for anyone who is in a marriage has asked themselves is this the argument or is this the conversation I want to go to war over and it rarely is.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • My son and our foreign exchange student were in Davis and in a hot tub and playing around a couple weekends ago and there was a clock on the wall. We were having competitions for holding our breath, I don't know what that means but there maybe is a calmness that comes from not living sugar free or for the concentration of juggling. I won the contest by just breaking two minutes underwater in a Jacuzzi. I do enjoy breathing I do love taking deep breaths to calm myself down sometimes.

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Advice for Newbie

  • What I would recommend somebody do is some of the things you just talked about, breathe and develop some sort of litmus test of am I being mindful right now. I think you know what comes up as I say that Bruce is really mindfulness is different for every person and so to get some definition, if you're someone who watches a lot of TV who has never done any sort of personal growth work. For you maybe mindfulness is getting through a podcast, a twenty five or thirty minute podcast with two or so people talking about mindfulness, that might be a huge step of your heroes journey. If you are living in some sort of mindfulness now what's the challenge you can do for yourself that feels on the edge, what is an edge that you are willing to lean into.

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