089 Achieve the Rich Life Through Gratefulness Says Financial Expert, Beau Henderson

May 5, 2016

Beau Henderson is an author, radio personality and passionate connector of people. He has coached over two thousand people to financial freedom through his RichLife network. His wisdom will become clear when you hear his show or read his books. Beau has a deep belief in gratitude, mindfulness and living a life of purpose. Beau graduated with a Psychology degree in 2001 and lives his life every day, meeting and helping other people as much as he possibly can.

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Most Influential Person

  • Steve DeNunzio

Effect on Emotions

  • I believe mindfulness has affected my emotions by showing up focused on the client in a more empathetic, compassionate and caring way that better serves the client and for some reason that naturally tends to create trust and gets a better result all around.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing's huge. I believe a lot of times my meditation is literally ten minutes of deep breathing and it's calming down because often I'll catch myself going through a really busy or stressful day. That breathing is really shallow and that's where I see myself kind of just getting close to just getting off the game plan or off the rails a little bit. I think breathing just helps center us and reconnects us back to a calm place and to think and be aware.

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Advice for Newbie

  • The advice I would give is to just realize that getting through the day, going through the motions, playing the role of a father, a mother, a student, a son, a daughter, employee, employer, co worker, that's not all life is. If we can step back and we can actually connect, we can navigate all those roles in those situations better. I think all of us have this enate desire to have a more connecting, fulfilling experience I think that's why awareness would be an attracted place for someone who is not exposed to it and maybe be curious enough to start.

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