088 Listen To Your Gut and Move To What Resonates Says Naturopathic Expert Rosanne Lindsay

May 2, 2016

Rosanne Lindsay is a naturopathic doctor, writer, and author, who guides others to come into balance using what she calls body-mind-spirit medicine. Rosanne comes to the healing arts from her own journey to reverse profound hypothyroidism, naturally, and teaches others that they are their own healers. Rosanne loves the concept of mindfulness and has her own take on why mindfulness helps people on their road to success.

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  • Kelly Howell

Effect on Emotions

  •  I have really been able to adjust my emotions as far as just letting go and being able to receive, instead of always trying to push. If I feel like I'm getting worked up about something that means I am pushing and that means I'm not gonna get something that I want. I really need to sit back, take a deep breath and allow it to come to me.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing is so important. In yoga it's called pranayama. It not only nourishes the cells by oxygenating them. It opens up the connection between your pinial and petuatary glands to connect you to your higher self. That breath is life so oxygen is water, it's in air, and it's in our bodies. It allows our bodies to live, if we stop oxygenating then we start to die. The more you can breathe deeply in your day and clear out that stagnant air at the base of your lungs. Five deep breaths in the morning is a really good way to start your morning, it gives you a really fresh start to the day. I would recommend that.

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Advice for Newbie

I would suggest trying to connect to nature for a bit if you're not one to go outdoors very much and to really try and get away from being plugged in all the time. Nature is a great way to do that, kids naturally gravitate there but adults can benefit from that too. Just a walk in nature, gardening is a great way, and sleeping outdoors when it's warm is really grounding. People are selling grounding mats that plug into your wall inside as healing mats. You don't have to spend a thousand to twelve hundred dollars on one of these mats when you can go, when it's just grounding you to the earth basically. So you can go outside it's cheap and easy, rent a tent and spend some more time outside. The more time you spend outside the more your rhythm starts to change. You start resetting your rhythm which is what meditation is great at doing, reset your body rhythm.

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