064 Surround Yourself With Positive People says Danny ‘Godfree’ Pena of GamerTag Radio

March 7, 2016

Danny Pena, also known as Godfree, is a gamer, events host and podcaster of GamerTag Radio. As a well-known on-line gaming celebrity, Danny believes in using focus and mindfulness to stay on track and keep himself  organized and grounded. He puts a lot of emphasis on the valueof his team and his family, sticking with the idea that it's critical to surround yourself with positive people so you can send out positive vibes to your followers. Danny was the keynote speaker at Podfest 2016 in Tampa, Florida in February, where he told his fascinating life story and shared inside secrets of his success.

Contact Info

  • Website: www.GamerTagRadio.com
  • Website: play.it/gamertag   (This is the CBS Website)
  • Twitter: @Godfree or @GamerTagRadio
  • Facebook: GamerTagRadio
  • Podcast: GamerTag Radio  (Find it on any app that searches podcasts)

Most Influential Person

  • Danny's Grandmother bought him a gaming console when he was a kid.

Effect on Emotions

  • I'm a cancer and as a cancer I can take a lot of things really personally. I've been good not to take things really personal, because I could be in a really bad place if I did.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • When I get really frustrated, my girl will say something like, everything's ok, just breathe, just relax, walk. I do a lot of walking. So I'll walk, I'll put some music on or a podcast and it helps me a lot.

Suggested Resources

Advice for Newbie

Let's say you're playing a game and it's too difficult, there's options for you to make it easy. Or let's say it's too easy, you can make it normal or hard. So if you're frustrated, change the settings so you won't get stressed out. Get critical thinking games like Tetrus. This is one of my all-time favorite games. If you're into music, play Rock Band or Guitar Hero which you can play with your whole family. I think this will help you. Especially with games that are really hard, try your best to be calm or play something else then.

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