055 Better Decision Making with Meditation and a Chat with Gregg Clunis

February 15, 2016

Gregg Clunis is a writer, producer and podcaster based in New York City. Gregg is fascinated to learn all he can about the brain, motivation, mindfulness and what inspires people to succeed. Although he has no qualifications in psychology or neuroscience, Gregg isknowledgeable on the topic because of the many books and articles he reads and the information he’s learned from guests he interviews on his podcast entitled, Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.

Contact Info

  • Website:  www.tinyleaps.co
  • Twitter: @GreggClunis
  • Podcast: Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Most Influential Person

  • Tony Robbins

Effect on Emotions

  • Mindfulness has given me the ability to recognize what emotions I'm feeling and what that means for the situation.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Taking a deep breath is the main thing that gets me through the day when I'm stressed.

Suggested Resources

Advice for Newbie

Start on the small things. Earlier in this episode I said I made this big, audacious goal and I failed to hit it. One of the things that I've learned since then is that the main issue with goal setting is that when we don't hit it, even if we're ahead of where we planned on being, it's still very demotivating. I would say to focus on setting smaller goals that you know you can achieve and build up momentum that way. And in regard to how that relates back to mindfulness, whatever area of your life you want to integrate this into, focus on doing something small everyday that's going to help you get there.