042 Ed Donato: Surfing and Mindfulness to Reach Your Flowstate

January 7, 2016

Ed Donato is an entrepreneur from Western Australia who works in the food industry with his wife, operating a holistic catering company. As a busy Dad and entrepreneur in the catering niche, Ed found it necessary tolearn how to stop feeling tired and regain energy. He loves to pass on his knowledge and help parents learn how to be healthy, energetic and happy too, in his podcast called ‘The Ed Talks’.

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Most Influential Person

  • Thich Nhat Hanh

Effect on Emotions

  • Calming. It's allowed me to take control before I lash out at my wife or my son. I stop and realize he's a little boy.

Thoughts on Breathing

  • Breathing allows me to focus on something to begin that process of slowing down all those 70,000 thoughts that are coming into our mind in the day. By focusing on the breath it helps me to slow down and to get control of the thoughts in my mind.

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Advice for Newbie

Make yourself realize there are proven scientific benefits that mindfulness works. It's not just 'woo-woo', it definitely works. It eliminates disease, it increases growth hormone, it makes you look younger, gives you a better night's sleep. Really find the reason why you want to do it and use that as a driving force. Then focus on your breath as a way to begin the practice and make it short. I only do just five minutes in the morning.